25 March, 2020

If you are drawn to simple, natural beauty products and want to move away from the harsh chemicals, complex ingredients and products used in the cosmetic industry today, then have a quick read. One of the shining stars in the natural beauty movement is the Turmeric.

Turmeric is a spice used in Indian food and in healing. Turmeric is a vivid, fragrant, and bitter spice. It has been used in Indian traditional medicine for purposes as diverse as treating cancer to repelling mosquitoes. The bright yellow powder derived from the root of the turmeric plant is also known as  Indian Saffron or Golden Goddess. Turmeric is also widely used as a food colorant and dye.

What are the potential benefits for the skin?

The bright yellow colour of turmeric comes from its active component, curcumin.

Studies have suggested that curcumin has protective effects against skin-damaging chemicals and environmental pollutants. Curcumin protects the skin in combating free radicals and reducing inflammation. There is also evidence to suggest that curcumin may help the following skin conditions:

Skin cancer

Melanoma may benefit from curcumin treatment. Curcumin is thought to clean-up dysfunctional cellular components. It may also inhibit the growth of melanoma cells and tumor progression.


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin and joint disease that has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. Curcumin is thought to inhibit the immune pathways responsible for psoriasis.


Scleroderma causes the immune system to attack otherwise healthy connective tissue, resulting in scarring. This scarring usually occurs under the skin and around internal organs and blood vessels. Curcumin’s positive effect on scar formation is thought to help manage the effects of scleroderma.


Acne is a common skin condition characterised by blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules. A skin cream containing curcumin can potentially be used to regulate skin sebum production, which may help people who have acne.

Turmeric for skin lightening

If you have under-eye shadows and are struggling to get enough sleep in this ever rushing life style try turmeric next time! A recent study found that turmeric essential oil in a lotion formulation can brighten skin within three weeks with results that last just as long. These glowing benefits are most likely the result of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in turmeric, which work together to heal and bring out the natural health of your skin.

How to use turmeric for the skin

Curcumin from turmeric is poorly absorbed when taken orally. It metabolizes quickly and is soon eliminated from the body.

Black Pepper, increases the absorption and anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin. For this reason, it is often combined with medicinal turmeric products.

Turmeric preparations can be directly applied to fresh wounds, rashes, bruises, and insect bites. Medicinal turmeric comes in a range of forms, including:

  • capsules and tablets
  • ointments
  • fluid extract
  • tincture
  • oil

Curcumin is also found in the following products:

  • drinks
  • soaps
  • cosmetics